WICS Conference 2023

Oct. 24, 2023
9:00 am–6:00 pm

The Graduate Hotel
141 N. 9th Street
Lincoln NE 68508

To Register: https://go.unl.edu/rxti


The poster session is open to WICS faculty, graduate students, and professional staff to highlight projects, programs, or ideas related to Water and Integrated Cropping Systems. These posters can be developed for the WICS conference, or something presented at another professional meeting relevant to WICS within the last few years. It is requested to submit an abstract for each poster on the conference registration page by October 1st. Abstracts will be printed and made available to attendees in the WICS conference program.

Submit your Poster Abstracts here: 


Directions: Parking is allowed in the hotel garage and will be covered by WICS. 

You will need to pull a ticket to enter the garage. Then you need to go to the front desk to validate your ticket.

2023 WICS Conference - Moving Beyond the Ordinary

October 24, 2023

Graduate Hotel Lincoln, Nebraska


9:00 AM          Registration, light refreshments

 9:50 AM          Welcome

Daren Redfearn, WICS Hub Leader

 10:00 AM        Opening Comments

Mike Boehm, IANR Vice-Chancellor

 10:15 AM        Moving Beyond the Ordinary

Session Description: Expert speakers followed by a panelist. An expert group will address the qualities, approaches, and challenges when creating multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary Research, Teaching, and Extension Teams. A discussion will follow from insights from those with experience in collaborating on broad multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary, integrated projects.

 Presenters: Derek McLean, Agricultural Research Division; Craig Allen, School of Natural Resources; Amy Kremen, Colorado State University

 Panelists: Dylan Mangel, Plant Pathology; Nathan Mueller, Nebraska Extension; Tomas Helikar, Biochemistry; Julie Peterson, Entomology

 11:30 AM        Fostering the Mission Integration Pathway

Session Description: Short commentary followed by Q/A. This session will include comments from IANR/CASNR Deans on current and planned mission-specific activities that can be adopted for use across disciplines and mission areas.

 Presenters: Tom Burkey, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources; Derek McLean, Agricultural Research Division; Charlie Stoltenow, Nebraska Extension

 12:00 PM        Lunch | Informal Table Discussions | View Posters

 1:00 PM           Creating Broader Impacts (Small Groups @ Tables)

Session Description: Facilitated, interactive workshop/discussion. Conference attendees will discover their impact identity through a guided process looking at strengths and assets to explore their role in impact. These experiences can be used as a reference point when creating impactful teams.

 Facilitators: Jocelyn Bosley, Office of Research and Economic Development; Crystal Powers, Nebraska Water Center


2:00 PM           Rethinking Data Management

Session Description: Expert presentations followed by Q/A. Data experts will highlight ideas on data collection methods, data organization, and data management in the era of AI and multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary, team science.

Speakers: Jennifer Clarke, Food Innovation Center; Taro Mieno, Agricultural Economics, Santosh Pitla, Biological Systems Engineering

 2:45 PM           Break

 3:00 PM           Addressing the Unexpected

Session Description: Expert presentations followed by Q/A. Speakers with expertise in rapid response will provide their perspective to addressing an emerging issue by focusing on the process of identifying and addressing the problem and mobilizing to address integration and communication across mission areas, in addition to any updates.

Speakers: Justin McMechan, Entomology; Xin Qiao, Biological Systems Engineering;

Tonya Haigh, School of Natural Resources; Jay Parsons, Agricultural Economics

 4:00 PM           Reflections from Unit Leaders

Session Description: Informal assessment of take-home messages. Unit Leaders across WICS will identify 2 or 3 topics they heard during the conference with potential for integration across mission areas within the WICS Hub.

Speakers: Mark Stone, Biological Systems Engineering; Larkin Powell, School of Natural Resources; John Ruberson, Entomology; Loren Giesler, Plant Pathology

 4:30 PM           Poster Session

 6:00 PM           Adjourn